Is enlightenment equivalent to Buddhahood?

"Orthodox Buddhism teaches about enlightenment but also teaches us not to become obsessed with pursuing enlightenment. Enlightenment in its true sense means hearing the Dharma, experiencing the Buddhadharma for ourselves, and then acting accordingly to change ourselves, instead of some mystic experiences, though they can reinforce our faith for the path.


The development of Buddhism in Taiwan in the second half of the 20th century

Advocated by various Buddhist organizations and devotees, Buddhism gradually became localized in Taiwan and the number of Buddhists is now growing vigorously.

Attaining Peace of Mind through Practicing the Dharma

When we are uneasy, we can first recite the Buddha or Bodhisattva’s name to calm down, and then identify the cause of our unease, so as to untangle ourselves from emotional knots.

Cultivate Our True Self {Stage 1: Knowing Ourselves}

Know yourself---both strengths and shortcomings. We must mend our ways and be humble about our strengths while striving to seek improvement.