Facing with illness

People feigning illness or refusing to consult a doctor leave problems unsolved. They bury their heads in the sand. If you can accept reality and then deal with it or let it go, you will feel at ea...

Mild illness is conducive to one's spiritual practice

How does Buddhadharma help people with terminal illnesses?

How to transcend birth, aging, illness and death

What attitude we should have when facing the onslaught of disease?

The Barrier of the Mind

- How to break down the barriers of our mind?
- Why does Buddhism compare our mind to an ox?
- Where exactly are the pure lands?
- Teachings in the sutras for cultivating the mind

Causes and Conditions

- Causes and conditions are not mere coincidence
- The causes and conditions that exist between twins
- Buddhism is a non theistic belief in causes and conditions
- Eliminating attachment by contemplating the causes and conditions
- How to apply the wisdom of adapting to conditions?

Meditative Concentration

- How to enter meditative concentration?
- Is there any harm in entering meditative concentration?
- What does meditative concentration feel like, and what kind of wisdom it generated?
- How to achieve the stae of one-pointed concentration?
- The meaning and states of samadhi
- Let's see how Master Sheng Yen elaborate on the practices of meditative concentration!

Loving Kindness

- The three levels of compassion
- Levels to benefiting others
- Benefiting others is benefiting ourselves collective karma
- How to cultivate compassion to become wisely compassionate?
- While we care for others, how should we protect ourselves from hurt?


- Enlightenment vs. seeing the true nature of one's mind
- The difference between gradual enlightenment and sudden enlightenment
- How can we attain enlightenment
- The meaning of enlightenment and Buddhahood
- Is enlightenment equivalent to Buddhahood?

To be freed from attachment

- Eliminating emotional attachment by changing our thinking
- How to be free from attachment?
- How to break our attachment to life and death?
- Attachment vs. will power

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