Buddhist Perspective on Various Issues

Why Can Some People Foresee Things in Their Dreams?

There are several kinds of dreaming: the kind in which something appears in someone's dreams because it is frequently on their mind; the kind in which something we may never have thought of or seen appears in our dreams due to the activity of our consciousness; the kind to do with one's spiritual response with a deity or spirit; and the kind as a result of one's own power of spiritual practice.

The Buddhist Perspective on EQ and Emotional Management

Buddhist teachings focus on deeply understanding the mind and regulating it with spiritual practice to keep it calm and free. They are effective ways of emotional management and EQ improvement.

The Buddhist Perspective on the Doctrine of Evolution

Even beings in the natural world accept and support one another. So, characterized by our humanity, we help, forgive and accept each other in the midst of competition, using patience and compassion.

What Does the Dharma Tell Us about Choosing an Occupation

Through our jobs, we should try to create benefit not just for ourselves, but also for others, and to dedicate ourselves to society, humanity, and all sentient beings.

Buddhist perspective on gender discrimination

Shakyamuni Buddha never discriminated against women because he believed that bhikshunis and bhikshus were the same and could both attain arhatship. There are great bodhisattvas who are women, like Queen Shrimala, which is very clearly stated in the sutras. The Buddha has compassion and regarded all sentient beings as equal, so how could men and women not be equal?

How should women practice spiritually?

Men and women are fundamentally equal; the Buddha says that all sentient beings have buddha-nature. Therefore, when it comes to spiritual practice, there aren't different methods for women and men. The methods are the same and the goal is also the same, as are the ideas and views, although differences do arise in some situations.

How to become a graceful, modern beauty?

"Exterior beauty without internal substance is only superficial and false beauty. True face with honesty, sincerity, and compassion in mind is the beauty within, and therefore the genuine beauty. Beauty and ugliness are determined in the mind, not by one's outward appearance

How can women face up to karma and eliminate obstacles?

"Karmic obstruction means our evil karma that has accumulated in past lives and our occupation that keeps us from taking up the teachings of the Buddhadharma. We should be broad-mined or use psychological concepts to make adjustments and not lose hope.

How should women plan their life?

"The times, society, and family structures may have changed, men and women cannot exchange their natural roles. In terms of work in society and intellectual ability, women and men should be equal, but in terms of taking care of children and home, women have more patience, resilience, endurance and they are more stable and better equipped.


The meaning and states of samadhi

In Chinese Samadhi is transliterated as "sanmei". Samadhi originally means meditative concentration, a state where that the mind and body, or the mind and the environment are one, and you...

How to cultivate compassion to become wisely compassionate

Compassion is both nature and nurture. We are all born with some degree of compassion, which should be tempered with reason, and nurtured like a seedling so it won't wither. And it will grow if...

How to be free from attachment?

Adhering to one's principles is not the same as attachment. Adhering to our principles amidst temptations and difficulties is a positive force for improvement. Attachment is self-centered conce...