From a Buddhist perspective, the formation of twins reflects close relationships and similar karma in former lives, and is easily explained in terms of the law of causes and conditions

The environment we're living in is created by the vows and karma we made in the past lives. We're born in this environment and receive our respective results due to our karma.

"Karmic obstruction means our evil karma that has accumulated in past lives and our occupation that keeps us from taking up the teachings of the Buddhadharma. We should be broad-mined or use psychological concepts to make adjustments and not lose hope.

We recite Buddhist sutras to transform our mind, thereby removing our evil deeds and inclinations and moving toward good, which helps to reduce our bad karma and increase our good karma.

The law of karma offers a reasonable explanation for people's different destines. Believing this allows us to maintain equilibrium in our lives, as we know we always reap what we sow.

In terms of psychology, the unconscious is not something that we can control or are aware of, while karmic power, a Buddhist concept similar to the unconscious, is a kind of power produced by our actions in countless past lives, which we can change our karma by understanding its source and not letti

Conditioned arising induced by karma means that our karmic force, facilitated by the corresponding conditions, influences the origin of our life.

Karma of the three periods of time refers to the causes and effects involved in the past, present, and future. In applying this concept in our daily life, we should always be aware of the consequences of our actions.

  Bearing hardship means accepting torments, while bearing the loss of pleasure demands the self-discipline of a higher will. By being able to endure the seemingly unendurable, we are able to observe the precepts purely.   Resources: Dharma Drum- The life and heart of Ch'an practice, Transcending Karmic Obstructions, p.195 ​Book Store