How should women plan their life?

"The times, society, and family structures may have changed, men and women cannot exchange their natural roles. In terms of work in society and intellectual ability, women and men should be equal, but in terms of taking care of children and home, women have more patience, resilience, endurance and they are more stable and better equipped.


Living A Life Full of Hope

Karmic force means the effect of our bodily, mental, and verbal actions performed in the past. The law of karmic cause and effect spanning the three periods, namely the past, the present, and the f...

How to be free from attachment?

Adhering to one's principles is not the same as attachment. Adhering to our principles amidst temptations and difficulties is a positive force for improvement. Attachment is self-centered conce...

How do we use wisdom when choosing a partner?

Monastic life is not an alternative escape for not being able to find a marriage partner. One should only become a monastic if one has had some inspirational experiences of life that make one want ...