About DDM

The Common Endeavor of Buddhists


Have faith in the Buddha, follow the Dharma, respect the Sangha;
The Three Jewels are a bright lamp shining throughout eternity.

Uplift the character of humanity
And build a pure land on earth

Being grateful, repaying kindness: this is first;
Benefit others and you benefit yourself.

Foremost is to exert your wholehearted effort
Without measuring more or less.

Kindness and compassion have no enemies,
And wisdom engenders no vexations.

The busy make the most of time;
The diligent enjoy the best of health.

In broadly sowing the fields of merit,
Why fear any hardship or rebuke?

Those who give selflessly are blessed;
Those who do good deeds are happy.

In every moment feel the joy of the Dharma,
And abide in the bliss of meditation.

Recite “Guanyin Bodhisattva” everywhere
And chant “Amitabha Buddha” without end.