About DDM



Master Sheng Yen, founder of Dharma Drum Mountain, dedicated decades of his life to spreading the Buddhadharma globally and guiding Chan practice, sharing Buddhist compassion and wisdom with people around the world. His idea of Protecting the Spiritual Environment has been widely valued and recognized internationally.

Based on the Master's infinite compassionate vows, Dharma Drum Mountain's branch monasteries and practice centers worldwide have been promoting Three-fold Education and Four Kinds of Environmentalism, endeavoring to help purify human minds and society, in hopes of sowing the seeds of world peace through joint efforts to realize the goal of "building a pure land on earth."


 The Common Ethos of Dharma Drum Mountain


Our vision: to uplift the character of humanity and build a pure land on earth.

Dharma Drum Mountain strongly believes that to uplift humanity's character, including moral integrity, one must start by correcting one's own views and behavior. When everyone's character is raised, this world will naturally become a pure land

Our spirit: to give of ourselves for the benefit of all.

If we all think only of fulfilling ourselves and do not want to contribute anything, unrestrained selfish competition will plunge society into disorder. If we can give of ourselves for the self-fulfillment of others, then everyone will benefit, as we ourselves will also grow in wisdom and blessings.

Our direction: to return to the original intention of the Buddha and work for the purification of the world.

Imitating the Buddha's kindness and compassion, we hope that everyone can start with themselves to study the Dharma, propagate the Dharma, and uphold the Three Jewels, so as to purify society, the mind, and the world.

Our approach: to promote comprehensive education and extend loving care to all.

Only by providing education and cultivating talent of all types in a systematic, comprehensive manner can we attract people to Buddhism as it is understood correctly. Education and loving care are two sides of the same coin: loving care is the function of education.