Adapting to conditions is not an absence of principles, or being hypocritical. Adapting to conditions is about grasping and fostering causes and conditions to win people over to the Dharma and help them grow spiritually, while letting it be when the circumstances are simply not right.

"The true meaning of Ch'an is wisdom and compassion, and the meaning of meditative absorption is not to be affected by our environment and not to be subject to any temptation. Ch'an Buddhism teaches that concentration and wisdom are one, with which we are able to deal with people and ev

Monastic life is not an alternative escape for not being able to find a marriage partner. One should only become a monastic if one has had some inspirational experiences of life that make one want to take this path. When it comes to finding a suitable partner for marriage, character, instead of appearance, should be the first consideration. Look for qualities like virtue, kindness, honesty, and simplicity. Secondly, your spouse must be clearheaded. Thirdly, your spouse must be an understanding person who cares not only about you but about others as well.

Developing world-transcending wisdom is realizing emptiness. It enables us to reduce our troubles and emotions, while gaining in blessings.

Spiritual practice can give one a tranquil mind, which can then be followed by wisdom. In terms of meditation, concentration means a progress of practice from a scattered, chaotic mind to a focused mind, and then to a unified mind, at which point one will have more objectivity. In terms of Chan, sel

Everyone has the inherent capacity for wisdom that is the same as the Buddha's, but when we have affliction, wisdom disappears. The Buddha's wisdom transcends objectivity and subjectivity. By regarding every sentient being as equal, the Buddha's wisdom, the wisdom of no-self, completely

Compassion is very important; wisdom is also very important. Being compassionate means caring for others, embracing them, loving them, helping them grow, and forgiving them. Wisdom means that we are capable of clearly observing our minds and recognizing our inner state. Wise people are not emotional

Though Buddhism teaches us not to be attached to our physical body, it is a tool for the practice of the Way, a medium through which we cultivate wisdom. We should use it properly, and care for it by protecting our physical health through doing exercises, sitting meditation, or simply relaxing our

If you don't handle your own or others' matters in a self-centered way, you won't cause harm to others and won't bring trouble on yourself. This is wisdom. Knowledge is not necessarily wisdom. Wisdom means objectivity and freedom from self-centeredness. We gain wisdom by reading the

If there is something in our mind, then it has obstructions; it cannot be broad and vast, open and clear, and therefore it cannot really have wisdom and compassion. A mind free of obstructions is a mind without distracted thoughts and vexations. When we are not affected or afflicted by our environme

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