The Virtuous Self at a Higher Level---Giving for the Sake of Sentient Beings

The more you give, the more you receive. Even so, a bodhisattva doesn't expect to receive anything in return. However, this is what makes his merit and virtue immeasurable and inexhaustible.


Why should we repent? How should we repent?

To repent, either to our own conscience, to the person we have done a disservice, or in public, is to express responsibilities for ourselves. By repenting on a daily basis we can gradually purify o...

Contemplating emptiness, the Middle Way, and the emptiness of self nature

“This being, that becomes. From the arising of this, that arises. This not being, that does not become. From the ceasing of this, that ceases.”

Becoming a monastic and returning to lay life

There is nothing wrong with returning to lay life once becoming a Buddhist monk. If after making a sincere effort one finds that one's habits and mindset are not suited to monasticism, one can ...