The Virtuous Self at a Higher Level---Giving for the Sake of Sentient Beings

The more you give, the more you receive. Even so, a bodhisattva doesn't expect to receive anything in return. However, this is what makes his merit and virtue immeasurable and inexhaustible.


Putting emphasis on contentment, shame, and repentance in our daily life

Chan practice is not merely about sitting in meditation. Buddhist practitioners should also seek conceptual guidance and establish the correct mindset. Otherwise, practicing meditation only benefit...

Only Well-measured Practice Is the Middle Way

In spiritual practice, we shouldn't ask for too many results at a time, and we mustn't work too hard or be too sluggish. For personal practice, we must deeply practice just one Dharma metho...

Conditioned arising induced by karma

Conditioned arising induced by karma means that our karmic force, facilitated by the corresponding conditions, influences the origin of our life.