Live a Positive Life Using Buddha-dharma

Establish a Positive View of Life in a Moderated Way (GDD-818)

The best way to be positive is to have an interest in your work. Even if you can't have exactly what you want, you should still strive to achieve the best for your family and society.


09 Contemplating the Five Aggregates as Empty in Nature (IV) --- Volition

Volition, in one sense, means the constant change and shifting of our thoughts in time. It marks the Buddhist idea of impermanence and teaches us not to become attached.

Putting into Practice the Principles in Raising Children

Parents should spend more time communicating with their children. Resort to guidance rather than authoritarianism.  

How to break down the barriers of our mind ?

The barriers of our mind come from our five mental afflictions: greed, aversion, ignorance, arrogance and doubt. If we can transform the five mental afflictions into the mind of cultivation by bein...