Money and Consumption

The Way of Our Manner of Consumption

The true meaning of life encompasses that we explore our values, instead of indulging in the pursuit of material comforts and enjoyment.

Young People's Patterns of Consumption

Faced with material temptations, we should have the wisdom to bravely say no, so as not to fall into the trap of perpetually purchasing ever-new and novel products.

Your Money or Your Life

There are physical limitations to the human body, so we should know our limits at work and know when to stop for the day.


Why Is Reciting Sutras Helpful for Non-Buddhists?

And what if a house is huanted by a foreign ghost?

Putting into Practice the Principles in Raising Children

Parents should spend more time communicating with their children. Resort to guidance rather than authoritarianism.  

Control our Emotions and Thoughts through Willpower

Development of self {Stage 3: Controlling our Emotions and Thoughts through Willpower} Constantly observe and monitor our mental activities. Learn to gain better control of our states of mind ...