Interfaith Promoting religious cooperation to bring peace and well-being to humanity If we wish to share our religious faith and concepts with all of humanity, the best way is to practice tolerance, respect, and help those who differ from us. We should apply wisdom and compassion to help settle conflicts and wars waged between various ethnic groups, settling disputes through wisdom and reaching out to different ethnic groups with compassion. We should bring love and method to resolve conflict among religions and discrimination among races, rather than replacing their original faiths with the religion we believe in. If we can base mutual cooperation among religions on the principle of respecting all other religions, then people will be able to coexist peacefully. This is particularly pertinent, living in a modern, global environment with multiple religions. As soon as we set foot outside the borders of our own country, step outside our own ethnic group, or even when we leave our own homes, we will come into contact with people belonging to different religions. In an open society we may even encounter different religious faiths being practiced by spouses and children within one nuclear family. We have to show respect and appreciation in support of each other's choices. We should not subjectively criticize or comment on someone else's religious faith, but instead we must help each other and cooperate to create a harmonious, peaceful, happy, and heart-warming living environment. This so-called cooperation does not necessarily have to operate within one and the same organization. For example, in response to each other we give up violence, cast away past enmity, and cease to settle old scores, but instead work together to put an end to the root causes of hunger, disease, natural disasters, and racial warfare, and to help preserve our environment and the Earth's resources for future generations. In addition we may cooperate in protecting humanit