08 Contemplating the Five Aggregates as Empty in Nature (III) --- Perception

“Perception” means notions, reflections and thoughts. It changes over time and space. Therefore, there is no need to be attached to it.


How should women plan their life?

"The times, society, and family structures may have changed, men and women cannot exchange their natural roles. In terms of work in society and intellectual ability, women and men should be eq...

Reciting the Buddha's name verbally or mindfully?

To derive true benefit from reciting the Buddha's name, we should do it mindfully rather than just pronouncing it absent-mindedly. Our concentration will increase with practice until we achie...

How to develop our inner wisdom and compassion?

If there is something in our mind, then it has obstructions; it cannot be broad and vast, open and clear, and therefore it cannot really have wisdom and compassion. A mind free of obstructions is a...