Inner Wisdom and Great Compassion

- How to develop our inner wisdom and compassion?
- Which is more important, compassion or wisdom?
- Compassion as an essential element in purifying the mind
- The three levels of compassion
- How to cultivate compassion to become wisely compassionate?
- Compassion vs. mood swings

The difference between Buddha and God

- The difference between Buddha and God
- Why there are so many Buddhas, bodhisattvas and deities in Buddhism?
- Is it possible to combine religions?
- Is Guanyin (Avalokitesvara) Bodhisattva a real historical person?

Chan Meditation

- How to enter meditative concentration?
- How to enter Meditative Concentration - II ?
- The Methods of Meditation
- What does meditative concentration feel like, and what kind of wisdom is generated?