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Keeping Precepts, a Life Experiment

The book "Atomic Habits" by James Clear, emphasizes that tiny changes can bring about great accomplishments, while small changes will generate a compound "snowball" effect, thereby leading to fruitful results in one's life. What about the compound effect of observing precepts?
Precepts are also known as "pratikmosa," a term which entails that each precept has the function of leading to greater or lesser degrees of liberation. We may feel that this concept veers too far away from liberation, but if we break a precept, our mind will become impure and tormented by afflictions, thus moving further away from liberation. On the other hand, by observing the precepts, unfortunate events can be prevented and imperceptibly dissolved, which is why it is called "pratikmosa-sajvara." Therefore, DDM Lanyang Practice Center Director Ven. Chang Fa believes that observing precepts is similar to taking a preventative measure. By actively working with causes and conditions, we will naturally reap good results in the future.

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Keeping Precepts, a Life Experiment

Q1: I love and enjoy freedom. So what if I lose my freedom after receiving the precepts?

Q2: Why are we afraid of taking the precepts when we clearly know that it is good for us? How do we overcome this uncertainty?

Q3: Is there any room for flexibility in upholding the precepts? If so, how do we maintain this flexibility without losing the spirit of the precepts?

Q4: Is it enough to just do good deeds regularly, or is it necessary to also observe the precepts? How should the precepts be broadly applied in our daily lives?

Q5: How do we encourage our family and friends to observe the precepts? What if they cannot take the whole precepts all at once?

Resource: Humanity Magazine #445 (人生雜誌第445期)
Translated by: Ariel Shen (沈純湘)
Edited by: Freya Chang, Keith Brown
Photo: Rui-en Wu (吳瑞恩)