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Dharma Drum Mountain International Meditation Group (IMG) Holds One-Day English Chan retreat: Learning to Relax Body and Mind

As the Covid-19 pandemic in Taiwan is ebbing, Dharma Drum Mountain International Meditation Group (IMG) resumed its One-Day English Chan Retreat on September 26, which was 7 months after Yunlai Monastery canceled all activities and events in February. This rare retreat drew an enthusiastic sign-up and was well attended by 40 expats from the US, Mexico, Russia, Israel, Austria, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Indonesia and local English-speaking practitioners.

The One-Day retreat started at 9 a.m. and concluded at 5 p.m. Guided by Ven. Guo Chan, the day was well programed with Eight-Form Moving Meditation, Dharma talks on Chan practice, five sessions of sitting meditation, and yoga exercises. Most of the participants were first-timers at DDM retreat and particularly impressed by the methods of practice such as walking meditation, eating meditation, and sleeping meditation. Greg, who has been living in Taiwan with his wife for over 20 years, shared that the Chan practice they learn at Dharma Drum Mountain are not just meditation but also mindfulness in everyday living, which is why they continue joining the group practice and learning Chan. Ivonne from the US expressed that it was her third time attending the English Chan retreat organized by IMG. The encouragement and guidance that she received from the monastics during the retreat had made her feel the warmth of the Dharma. She also said that the methods of practice taught by Dharma Drum Mountain are easy to understand and can be applied in her work and daily life.

Ven. Guo Chan urged the participants to make the most of the retreat by training their mind and settling their distracted and disturbed mind, so that they can better understand themselves and others and stop judging others from their own perspectives. The Venerable also drew on her experience of illness to encourage them to live in harmony with their body and mind, and maintain a calm and stable mind regardless of any situations.

Established over 13 years ago, DDM International Meditation Group aims to introduce Chan practice to English-speaking people living in Taiwan by organizing group practice activities and events. IMG is going to hold One-Day English Chan Retreat again on October 31 and December 26. For more information please contact us at img.ddm@gmail.com or visit IMG's website.

Text: Editor's Team
Photos: Lin, Ya-Ying (林雅櫻)
Translation: Hsiao, Chen-An
Editing: Chen-Yu, Chang (張振郁); Angela Chang; Keith Brown