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​Representatives of Mahabodhi International Meditation Center
Visit Dharma Drum Mountain to Express Gratitude

The world's economies have been plunged into recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has also impacted the operation of many international charities. Bhikkhu Sanghasena, founder of the Mahabodhi International Meditation Center (MIMC), India, wrote to Ven. Guo Huei, abbot president of DDM, about how MIMC's operation is suffering from the financial impact caused by the pandemic, and the abbot president immediately instructed the responsible department of DDM to offer help with funding through donation.

To express gratitude to DDM's aid, Bhikkhu Sanghasena instructed three of his disciples studying in Taiwan to visit the abbot president at DDM World Center for Buddhist Education. MIMC's representative Ven. Nagasena presented to the abbot president a khata as a blessing and a gesture of greeting, along with a Buddhist curtain that symbolizes auspiciousness and good fortune. In return, the abbot president gave them Master Sheng Yen's calligraphy work and books to mark their affinity.

During the meeting, Ven. Nagasena explained that there are still up to tens of thousands of newly confirmed cases in India every day as the government opens the economy, and that the poor lack sufficient daily supplies, making the relief aid to them all the more urgent. Therefore, Bhikkhu Sanghasena wanted to show his sincere gratitude to DDM. Meanwhile, the abbot president praised Bhikkhu Sanghasena for his compassionate vow to revive Buddhism and nurture male and female monastics in India, where there has been a decline in Buddhism. After the meeting, the abbot president accompanied the three monastics to visit the Grand Buddha Hall, where they jointly said a prayer for the world.