A literal translation of ‘Guanyin,’ the Chinese name for Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, would be ‘Contemplating Liberation Bodhisattva.’ Avalokitesvara is also known as the ‘Bodhisattva Who Contemplates the Sound of the World.’ In fact, a bodhisattva who perfects this practice is a Contemplating Liberation Bodhisattva.
Chan is neither religion nor philosophy, but a kind of outlook, style, and way of life. However, Chan life is different from the life of ordinary people; a Chan practitioner does not seek, display, or reject things for oneself, nor does one feel joyful in good circumstances, or troubled in bad; one only needs to live each day like everyone else, doing what should be done and not doing what shouldn’t be, doing what can be done and not doing what cannot. Engaging in society is neither for oneself nor for others, but simply to fulfill ones’ duties.
Nung Chan Monastery will not be open from April 28th to May 5th for Foundation Chan Retreat

For your kind reference, as Nung Chan Monastery is holding the Seven-Day Foundation Chan Retreat, from April 28th to May 5th, 2018, the Campus will NOT be open to the general public within the above duration.

During this period of time, activities only take account of Chan Retreat; neither sight-seeing nor photographing were permitted.

The campus will be reopening as soon as the retreat is ended after May 5th. Many thanks for your kind attention.

Looking forward to seeing all visitors soon!

Nung Chan Monastery
With Joined Palms
Recently, I received a letter from a French professor who thought that I must be physically robust and very energetic, being so busy and yet still able to write and publish many books. In my reply, I wrote that, to the contrary, I have been susceptible to illness since childhood, hardly going a day without being sick. I have dragged on with this feeble body to repay my “straw sandals money”, only because of my gratitude for the kindness of the Three Jewels. The socalled “straw sandals money” refers to all the help I’ve received from others, as well as the blessings I’ve received from the Three Jewels throughout the journey of my dharma practice. I just do my best for the sake of returning these favors, which is none other than repaying kindness.