An oath is a promise that you will do something without fail, while a vow is an aspiration to do something. A vow is a driving force that helps us work toward our goal. In contrast, a malicious oath is a foolish and sinful act that harms oneself and others, but it can be remedied if we repent and reform. We should emulate the Buddha or the bodhisattvas in making vows to deliver all sentient beings, cut off all afflictions, learn all the Buddhist teachings, and ultimately attain Buddhahood.

Chan practice is not merely about sitting in meditation. Buddhist practitioners should also seek conceptual guidance and establish the correct mindset. Otherwise, practicing meditation only benefits one's body as qigong does and cannot really change one's character, mentality, and view of life. A true Buddhist constantly reminds himself to know contentment, shame, and repentance. Only when we repent can we feel joy, because we have a clear conscience and feel at ease.

To encourage people to own up to their own mistakes, we must accept responsibility for our mistakes and also accept other people's admission of their mistakes. By bravely owning up when we make a mistake, we will be more able to avoid repeating the same mistake, which is the true meaning of repentance.

To repent, either to our own conscience, to the person we have done a disservice, or in public, is to express responsibilities for ourselves. By repenting on a daily basis we can gradually purify our body and mind, and therefore eliminate our karmic obstacles.

Shame and repentance go together and complement each other. With a sense of shame, we are able to admit our faulty behaviors. Repentance means taking responsibility for our faults. By having the sense of shame and repenting, we show our willingness to shoulder responsibility and are determined not t

Repentance is about resolving to take responsibility for our misdeeds, improving ourselves and making redress. It enables us to accept our difficulties with inner peace rather than blame others.

  Yes, Buddhists definitely believe in the effectiveness of repentance. While completed acts of killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, and major deception (falsely claiming that one is a noble one) will definitely bring about retribution for the perpetrator, other misdeeds, such as attemp