pure land

Although the idea of rebirth in Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land is much encouraged in Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings, the fundamental philosophy of pure land all comes down to the cultivation of a pure mind, a state of mind that is free of greed, hatred, and ignorance.

The 9-grade lotus in the Western Pure Land is formed by different levels of merit. Once reborn there, we can practice, without cares and disruption, until we become non-regressing sages.

Deliverance is primarily aimed at the living rather than the dead. When Shakyamuni Buddha taught the Dharma, he preached it to the living, so that we use wisdom to deliver ourselves. Nonetheless, rituals for the dead can bring them merit, and on hearing the Dharma they may be able to let go and achieve deliverance, attaining rebirth to the Western Pure Land or to a better realm.

We'll be free from fear in danger or in difficulties if we're mindful of one of the six meritorious things. Reciting the Buddha's name leads to a peaceful, virtuous life and rebirth in the pure land.

"To uplift the character of humanity and build a pure land on earth. " We have long been familiar with DDM's vision.  However, whose character are we trying to uplift?  And where is the pure land to be found? 

After we take up the Buddhist concepts, our viewpoints about birth and death will change; that is, we will face birth and death peacefully without fear. More online courses: https://www.youtube.com/user/DDMTV05

The Practice Method of Chan  There are two categories of Chan practice methods. The first category is by use of the Five Methods for Stilling the Mind, which is to first stabilize the mind, and then progress toward liberation. The second category of method is by use of the Huatou method from the Chinese Chan tradition, to totally crash the delusionary mind; in that moment self-attachment disappears, and wisdom manifests; such is enlightenment. To practice Chan, we must first relax the body, the brain, and the emotion, and then our mind can become still. I often teach people a simple relaxation method, which is to pay attention to one’s own breathing. This can bring relief when one is tense or gripped with troubling thoughts. This method is sufficient for use in normal daily life, but if you want to continue on and go deeper, you need to ask a teacher for guidance.   The Practice Method of Pure Land Pure Land or reciting Buddha’s name has developed into a standalone school of tradition uniquely in China and Japan. It emphasizes faith, vow, and practice. Its practice methods again include two categories. The first one is recitation of Buddha’s name with concentration, and the second one involves the cultivation of three virtuous acts, including the arousing of Bodhicitta – the inspiration to attain ultimate enlightenment and to help others do so before oneself. “Faith” is faith in the vow of the Amitabha Buddha, which is that anyone who believes in and vows to be reborn to the pure land of the Amitabha can reach there. The practice method is to recite “Amitabhaya” or “Namo Amitabhaya” with concentration; you must listen to your own recitation of the Buddha’s name, to place your mind continually on the sacred grand name. This is actually similar to the method of observing one’s own breathing that I have just mentioned. Yet, besides reciting Buddha's name, o

Chan and Pure Land Are Both Sensible Paths of Dharma Practices Chan and Pure Land both are sensible paths of dharma practice. Even during the process of practice, one can readily reap plenty of benefits for the body and mind. In the past, there have been much misconception by many, that since the goal of practicing Chan is enlightenment, without enlightenment all efforts are in vain; and that since the goal of practicing Pure Land is to cut off the cycle of birth and death, before one reaches the pure land of ultimate bliss [sukhavati], who knows what, if any, effect there is. Actually, whether you practice Chan or Pure Land, you can get benefits everywhere, any time in your daily life. And you can become enlightened as well as reach the Pure Land. Those who are enlightened definitely would be able to be born in the Pure Land. Those who have not yet been enlightened but have vowed to be reborn in the Pure Land would be able to be born in the Pure Land, while those born in the Pure Land definitely would become enlightened. The Vision of Dharma Drum Mountain The vision of Dharma Drum Mountain is: to uplift the character of humanity and build a pure land on earth. This is relevant to the topic today, because before we become Buddhas, we must first be good human beings. And before we reach the western pure land, we have to care for people in this world. Dharma Drum Mountain employs various styles of education to deliver caring, that is, caring of the secular society. In the meantime, we reach the goal of education through various means of caring for the human needs. This world we are in is not a pure land. It has plenty of violence, crimes, and disasters. But still we must take care of people, care for others. We cannot focus only on our own safety and happiness while ignoring issues of safety, peace and happiness of the society at large. If we encounter some misfortune ourselves, take it as a condition that helps us grow, an opportunity for gain

Many people want to learn about the Pure Lands where buddhas and bodhisattvas dwell. The best way to experience what the life would be like in a Pure Land is to attend Dharma assemblies at a monastery. A Pure Land, a pure abode for a buddha and bodhisattvas, is formed with the power of a buddha's vows and meritorious virtues. Unlike our human realm, it is a wonderful environment free of sickness, affliction and suffering.    Living in a pure land   Mahayana sutras advocate that by purifying our mind and action, we will be able to perceive the world in which we live as a Buddha-land. The Avatamsaka Sutra says that“at one time the Buddha was in the land of Magadha, at the site of the attainment of extinction, having just realized ultimate enlightenment. The ground was solid and firm, made of diamond, adorned with exquisite ornaments.” From the moment the Buddha attained the buddhahood, our world had become a pure land to him.   The Lotus Sutra also says, “If persons with scattered minds enter a stupa or temple and chant ‘homage to the Buddha’ one single time, they will all have achieved the Buddha path. Even those with heavy afflicted minds would feel as if they have entered a Buddha land, by entering Buddhist monasteries, or just by reciting “Homage to the Buddha” for even once, since this very thought is in accordance with the Buddha path. Therefore, participating in Dharma services with a mindset to learn the practice of prostrating to the Buddha, reciting the Buddha's name, chanting sutras, and repenting, we'll be able to gradually purify our body and mind, transforming our greed, aversion and ignorance by observing the precepts, practicing concentration and developing in wisdom. In this way, we can get to experience the purity and wonderfulness of a Buddha-land, perceiving this world as a pure land through the Buddhist wisdom.   Building a bright pure land on