pure land

Although the idea of rebirth in Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land is much encouraged in Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings, the fundamental philosophy of pure land all comes down to the cultivation of a pure mind, a state of mind that is free of greed, hatred, and ignorance.

The 9-grade lotus in the Western Pure Land is formed by different levels of merit. Once reborn there, we can practice, without cares and disruption, until we become non-regressing sages.

Deliverance is primarily aimed at the living rather than the dead. When Shakyamuni Buddha taught the Dharma, he preached it to the living, so that we use wisdom to deliver ourselves. Nonetheless, rituals for the dead can bring them merit, and on hearing the Dharma they may be able to let go and achieve deliverance, attaining rebirth to the Western Pure Land or to a better realm.

We'll be free from fear in danger or in difficulties if we're mindful of one of the six meritorious things. Reciting the Buddha's name leads to a peaceful, virtuous life and rebirth in the pure land.

"To uplift the character of humanity and build a pure land on earth. " We have long been familiar with DDM's vision.  However, whose character are we trying to uplift?  And where is the pure land to be found?