Chan Meditation Center, NY   (Article by Calvin Chu / Photos by Yin Ting) Breathe In.  Breathe Out.  Relax your body.  Relax your mind.  And may all sentient beings depart from suffering. This was the thought pattern that I tried to develop every Tuesday evening in the Zoom sitting session with Changzhai Fashi and our fellow CMC community.  I enjoyed my time very much.  And I sincerely thank Fashi and the rest of the Sangha for making my Tuesday evenings memorable and fulfilling. Every Tuesday evening, we would start off by practicing simple exercises - such as the eight-form moving meditation - as a warm-up. Then, we would move into a thirty-minute sitting guided by Fashi, and culminate in another thirty-minute sharing session highlighted by a lecture on Buddhism by Fashi.  We would end with a short chanting of the Heart Sutra and a Transfer of Merits to the world. I came in every Tuesday with the goal of simply to enjoy myself.  Not to search for any tangible accomplishments.  Not to gain any incomprehensible knowledge.  Not to ask for too much out of one event.  But, to just simply enjoy myself.   To enjoy the meditation session like it was my last one.  To enjoy every breath taken.  To appreciate every sensation.  To be at whole with the environment.  I think that was the most important opportunity that I gained during our Tuesday night sitting sessions. I appreciate Fashi's thoughtful lectures at the end of each session.  It is not easy to speak for at least thirty minutes non-stop with an eager audience awaiting, but she was able to accomplish this on a consistent basis.  And I applaud her, and am thankful for her time and effort.   I am also thankful for the timekeepers that volunteered their time to make the Tuesday sessions a coordinated and seamless experience for all those who joined.  Everyone contrib