By practicing mindfulness of sensation as suffering, we will not blindly pursue fleeting pleasures.  Instead, we will have few desires, be content, and give of ourselves countinuously, and thus truly live in ease and joy. 

The mind of the average person is afflicted by greed, aversion, and ignorance and therefore is deluded and impermanent, while the Buddha mind, or the pure mind, is marked by selfless wisdom and compassion and therefore is an unchanging mind. By changing our afflicted mind into a mind of wisdom, we are actually turning impermanence into infinite hope and creating a brighter future.

Resonate with Inner State   Strong character can be developed and nurtured through  education, art, and religion, but these avenues of self  improvement are not entirely dependable. Some, lured by the temptations of fame, fortune, and power, take up education, art, or religion, and appear to be of noble or saintly character, but in the depths of their hearts, they may harbor unspeakable ambitions and schemes. There are hypocrites who are highly educated and bad people who attend churches and temples. This is because religious doctrine, ethics, and art are imposed from the outside—sometimes in a very authoritarian manner—so they do not necessarily resonate with one's inner state.   Cultivating Strong Character via Chan Meditation   Chan meditation is the best way to cultivate strong character. It enhances character through practice and self-realization, not through external dogma or pressure. Outwardly imposed ethics and morals are unnecessary because Chan practice is itself a path of self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-transformation. Moreover, not only do we benefit, but, more importantly, so do those around us. Religious doctrine, ethical standards, and moral judgments change according to time, environment, and individual attitudes, so that throughout history many new religious doctrines and practices have emerged in response to social and environmental forces, Buddhism not excluded.   Facing, Affirming, and Harmonizing the Self While Chan is a school of Buddhism and does not deny its teachings, it transcends the boundaries of Buddhism as an established religion. It is a timeless spiritual path that adapts to human needs. It aims to nourish and strengthen body and mind through a fourfold process of facing, affirming, harmonizing, and emptying the self. This process is like peeling an onion. When the layers of deluded thinking are peeled off, there is no objective