There is no need to fear unfavorable circumstances. Instead, we should face them with bravery and gratitude, trying to transform them into fostering force for us.

By turning obstacles into fostering forces and transforming unfavorable situations into favorable ones, we are able to grow in wisdom and compassion.

Regarding the key to longevity and good health, Buddhism teaches us to keep a serene mind, exercise regularly, live simply, and eat moderately. In addition, practice giving, and devote some time to volunteer work. Always keep a cheerful mind, embrace hope, and joyfully give of yourself for the good of all. Feel joyful even if you only have a second or two left to live. Be grateful for your life, and make good use of it. Adjust your body through a positive mindset.

If we are able to survive, live in peace and free from disturbance, and follow and practice the Dharma well, we should be thankful to the many people who help and support us. That is why Buddhism teaches us to repay four types of kindnesses: the kindness of parents, the kindness of the Three Jewels, the kindness of one’s country, and the kindness of other sentient beings. Some people also count the kindness of teachers.