Four Practices for Helping Oneself and Others:

Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance Campaign  ---A Proposition for Living in the 21st Century Four Fields for Cultivating Peace --- A Proposition for Uplifting the Character of Humanity Mind : Cultivating a peaceful mind lies in reducing desires Body : Cultivating a peaceful body lies in hard work and thrift Family : Cultivating a peaceful family lies in love and respect Activity : Cultivating peaceful activity lies in being honest and upright Four Guidelines for Dealing with Desires --- A Proposition for Living a Carefree Life Need : Our needs are few Want : our wants are many. Ability : Pursue only what you can and should acquire. Propriety : Never pursue what you can't and shouldn't acquire. Four Steps for Handling a Problem ---A Proposition for Resolving the Difficulties of Life Face it :  face the difficulty squarely Accept it :  accept the reality of the difficulty Deal with it :  deal with the difficulty with wisdom and compassion Let it go :  afterwards, let go of it Four Practices for Helping Oneself and Others ---A Proposition for Getting Along with Others Feeling grateful for the chance to develop Feeling thankful for the opportunity to hone your practice Reforming yourself through the Dharma Influencing others through virtuous action Four Ways to Cultivating Blessings ---A Proposition for Increasing Blessings Recognizing blessings is the greatest happiness Cherishing blessings is the best way of saving Nurturing blessings, and you'll always be blessed Sowing the seeds of blessings that blessings may be shared by all The Meaning The Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance Campaign transforms the abstruse and difficult terminology and doctrines of Buddhism into a set of ideas and methods that the average person can understand, accept and use in their daily lives. It is the fruit of many years of effort at Dh