DDM Great Compassion Water and Land Service:

  Great Compassion Water and Land Dharma Service (shuilu fahui 水陸法會) , also known traditionally as the “Grand Rite of Providing Universal Deliverance and Food and Dharma Offerings to the Holy and Ordinary Beings of Water and Land Sharing the Same Dharmadhātu (法界聖凡水陸普度大齋勝會) ”, is a practice method in Chinese Buddhism. It is considered the most grand and elaborate Dharma assembly in this tradition. The assembly aims to liberate sentient beings in the six realms from their suffering by making offerings to all the Buddhas and saints in the ten directions, as well as organizing undiscriminating feasts for all. As these offerings are made to a wide range of recipients, this event is also highly meritorious. A rite based on the core Buddhist spirit A Dharma center dedicated to the practice of Chinese Buddhism, Dharma Drum Mountain organizes the Great Compassion Water and Land Dharma Service that focuses on benefitting all beings with different spiritual capacities, assisting them to be delivered and attain liberation. As human beings are part of the six realms of ordinary sentient beings, emphasis is also placed on the self-practice of liberation from vexations. At the campus, eleven prayer halls are set up in separate venues to offer various Dharma teachings that accommodate participants of different affinities, with the main aim to inspire them to give rise to the Bodhi mind.   Participating in the Water and Land Dharma Service, which is essentially a Buddhist service, means attending a group practice of learning and understanding the Dharma. With practice as its core, it's meant to invite all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to educate participants on the practice of becoming enlightened, and also to welcome sentient beings from the ten directions to be educated on the four immeasurable states of mind on the cultivation of Buddhahood, namely loving-kindness to all beings (maitri), compassion to those in suffe