Liberated in Stillness and Motion

Preface vii

Enlightenment and the Practice of Chan  1
Chan Studies and the Correct Buddhist Teachings  15
The Methods of Practice of Chan and Pure Land  23
Chan and Mental Health  33
Chan and Modern Life  43
Chan and Spiritual Environmentalism  53
Chan Practice and the Environmental Life  65
Religion, Chan, Buddhadharma and "Evil Demons"  69
No-Self and True-Self  71
No Rise of    Wandering Thoughts, No Rejection of Phenomena  83
Wandering Thoughts, Scattered Thoughts, and Mindfulness  87
Awakening to the Mind and Seeing the Nature  93
Mind in Buddhism and Chan  101
Ordinary Mind  111
The Mind is Like the Sun Shining in Empty Space  119
Zero Faults  131
From Existence to Emptiness and from Emptiness to Existence  137
The Power and Function of Group Practice  143
The Attitude for Practicing Chan  147
Chan for Ordinary People  155
The Principle of Chan Meditation Practice  163

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