How to Choose a Suitable Method of Practice?

The most suitable Dharma-gate is the one we come into contact with and are using right now, which we should believe to be the best. One can make small adjustments on the spiritual path, but one shouldn't frequently change one's spiritual path, for the most effective and reliable practice should be a deep commitment to one single Dharma-gate.


Which One Produces More Bad Karma, the Mind or Actions?

Karma is the result of the actions of speech, body and mind. Of the three of these, the mind is of the greatest importance. should always be aware of its power to influence our karma. (Souce: GD...

Rules for visiting a monastery

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Causes and conditions are not mere coincidence

  Many people confuse causes and conditions with coincidence, or waiting passively. Some even use the lack of causes and conditions as an excuse to justify their laziness. Don't wait pass...