How to Choose a Suitable Method of Practice?

The most suitable Dharma-gate is the one we come into contact with and are using right now, which we should believe to be the best. One can make small adjustments on the spiritual path, but one shouldn't frequently change one's spiritual path, for the most effective and reliable practice should be a deep commitment to one single Dharma-gate.


What does sharing others' joy actually mean

Rejoice in others' merit, one of the ten great vows of Samantabhadra, is rejoicing in other people's good deeds and good qualities or taking part in someone else's meritorious deeds. No...

The Buddhadharma as flawless wisdom and the meaning of flawed wisdom

Buddhadharma represents "flawless wisdom", which teaches us to let go of the self, that is, self-centeredness and selfishness.

Benefiting others is benefiting ourselves collective karma

Consider others and avoid creating bad joint karma so we can have a better future.