The Buddhist Perspective on the Doctrine of Evolution

Even beings in the natural world accept and support one another. So, characterized by our humanity, we help, forgive and accept each other in the midst of competition, using patience and compassion.


What’s the best way to repay kindness?

If we are able to survive, live in peace and free from disturbance, and follow and practice the Dharma well, we should be thankful to the many people who help and support us. That is why Buddhism t...

Eliminating ignorance by transforming thoughts

To stop our negative inclinations, we should constantly observe our thoughts and emotions, and stop and correct the negative. Then the volitional action will wane.

What is the purpose of the "Releasing Burning Mouths" ritual?

Birth as a  "burning mouth" is the result of a miserly and greedy human life.  When we release these burning mouths, we bring them relief and help them attain a better rebi...