The Buddhist Perspective on the Doctrine of Evolution

Even beings in the natural world accept and support one another. So, characterized by our humanity, we help, forgive and accept each other in the midst of competition, using patience and compassion.


Learning to let go in life

Human beings always hope for increase. Real addition means that, while one may be gaining more fame, status, power, and wealth, one should also grow in merit, wisdom, and compassion. Otherwise,...

Chan Practice in Daily Life (Benefits of Chan Meditation)

Meditation helps improve our work efficiency and emotions. Meditation requires relaxation in the body and mind, and guidance from an experienced teacher. One mustn't expect instant results in p...

Aging (Part II)

Genuine youth is in the heart, not in the skin. Focus on the present and keep looking forward, and do away with the problem of being old by awakening the aspiration for enlightenment, dedicating on...