Be Busy Yet Happy, And Tired But Joyful

We have to be busy in that we need to use our limited lives and precious time to build up our wisdom and merit, by giving of ourselves to serve, help and take care of others. In Buddhism, we're busy for ourselves, so even if we've gotten nothing in this life, we'll still have gained merit and the benefit of wisdom. Therefore, we'll feel tired but very happy for having the opportunity to be busy.


A good wish for the world

DDM's spring couplet for this year is "A good wish for the world”, which was also late Master Sheng Yen's blessings and exhortation for the current society made in 2008. With pre...

The Year of Great Good for All (I)

Keep a good heart, speak kind words, and do beneficial things for others, and our life will naturally turn for the better. 

Simple and Easy Ways of Practicing Chan for People Who Lead Busy Lives

Chan practice is in everyday activities; our daily lives can be a time and place of spiritual practice. It all comes down to whether the mind is stable, whether our minds and bodies are unified, an...