Attaining Peace of Mind through Practicing the Dharma

When we are uneasy, we can first recite the Buddha or Bodhisattva’s name to calm down, and then identify the cause of our unease, so as to untangle ourselves from emotional knots.


Deriving wisdom from concentration

Spiritual practice can give one a tranquil mind, which can then be followed by wisdom. In terms of meditation, concentration means a progress of practice from a scattered, chaotic mind to a focused...

Mindfulness of the impermanence of the mind

The mind of the average person is afflicted by greed, aversion, and ignorance and therefore is deluded and impermanent, while the Buddha mind, or the pure mind, is marked by selfless wisdom and com...

The Middle Way and its application (continued)

In the Middle Way, we live in accordance with conditions, without attaching to the present, right and wrong, good and evil. We seek transcendence by constantly making improvement.