Easy Methods for Calming Our Body and Mind

Buddhism incorporates a variety of practices to help us calm our body and mind, and it all depends on whether we do these practices on a regular basis. In our daily lives, we can spare a certain period of time for regular practice, or, when we don't need to use our brains, recite the Buddha's name, and use Buddhist views to calm our mind.


Why do monastics take on many duties to help people

Contrary to the stereotyped view of monastics as idle escapists, most of them are very active and vigorous in their efforts to benefit society, where so many people are in need of the help of Buddh...

Why should we repent? How should we repent?

To repent, either to our own conscience, to the person we have done a disservice, or in public, is to express responsibilities for ourselves. By repenting on a daily basis we can gradually purify o...

Where Exactly is the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss?

In Buddhist cosmology, there are countless Buddha worlds, or galaxies, either pure or full of afflictions. People reborn in pure lands can be free of afflictions, but to attain Buddhahood, they mus...