The Meaning and Value of Life

In countless lifetimes, we live the consequences of our actions. For our life to have value and purpose, we should not blindly follow others in pursuing something, but should instead wisely pursue what others don't. Have a worthy aspiration, make a compassionate vow to benefit others, and make a contribution, rather than drift with transient fashions.


Aging (Part II)

Genuine youth is in the heart, not in the skin. Focus on the present and keep looking forward, and do away with the problem of being old by awakening the aspiration for enlightenment, dedicating on...

The Buddhist perspective on peace and security

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How to break our attachment to life and death?

If we can face and accept our mortality by applying the concept of impermanence, and always prepare for it, we will be more detached when we or our loved ones die, and therefore suffer less.