Mild illness is conducive to one's spiritual practice

People feigning illness or refusing to consult a doctor leave problems unsolved. They bury their heads in the sand. If you can accept reality and then deal with it or let it go, you will feel at ease.



What it really means to make offerings?

Making offerings is a very important part of Buddhist practice. To make offerings is to practice giving, one of the six perfections. It benefits both ourselves and others in that through giving we ...

Conditioned arising induced by karma

Conditioned arising induced by karma means that our karmic force, facilitated by the corresponding conditions, influences the origin of our life.

How to break down the barriers of our mind ?

The barriers of our mind come from our five mental afflictions: greed, aversion, ignorance, arrogance and doubt. If we can transform the five mental afflictions into the mind of cultivation by bein...