Eliminating attachment by contemplating the causes and conditions

Knowing that things come and go due to causes and conditions, then we won't have any attachment and distress, and therefore we won't suffer.


Is enlightenment equivalent to Buddhahood?

"Orthodox Buddhism teaches about enlightenment but also teaches us not to become obsessed with pursuing enlightenment. Enlightenment in its true sense means hearing the Dharma, experiencing th...

Karmic power and the unconscious

In terms of psychology, the unconscious is not something that we can control or are aware of, while karmic power, a Buddhist concept similar to the unconscious, is a kind of power produced by our a...

08 Contemplating the Five Aggregates as Empty in Nature (III) --- Perception

“Perception” means notions, reflections and thoughts. It changes over time and space. Therefore, there is no need to be attached to it.