Why does Buddhism compare our mind to an ox?

The ox is an important symbol in Buddhist texts, representing both a wayward mind that needs to be disciplined and also the Buddha Vehicle, which carries all sentient beings toward supreme Buddhahood.


Why do some monastics practice martial arts?

Martial arts basically derived from the spontaneous movements in sitting meditation. Instead of practicing vigorous gongfu to keep fit, most moanastics today adopt yoga or other gentler exercises.

What is the purpose of the "Releasing Burning Mouths" ritual?

Birth as a  "burning mouth" is the result of a miserly and greedy human life.  When we release these burning mouths, we bring them relief and help them attain a better rebi...

What attitude should we have when facing the onslaught of disease?

The "four sufferings" of birth, aging, sickness, and death are inevitable. While finding ways to adjust both our body and mind to improve our health, we should be aware and mentally prepa...