How to break our attachment to life and death?

If we can face and accept our mortality by applying the conceptof impermanence, and always prepare for it, we will be more detached when we or our loved ones die, and therefore suffer less.


Putting into Practice the Principles in Raising Children

Parents should spend more time communicating with their children. Resort to guidance rather than authoritarianism.  

What's the best way to repay kindness?

If we are able to survive, live in peace and free from disturbance, and follow and practice the Dharma well, we should be thankful to the many people who help and support us. That is why Buddhism t...

How can we give rise to a repentant mind

If we regularly examine ourselves, we'll illuminate all our faults, past and present, and recognize ourselves as ordinary people. We'll then constantly give rise to a repentant mind and tru...