The Middle Way and its application (continued)

In the Middle Way, we live in accordance with conditions, without attaching to the present, right and wrong, good and evil. We seek transcendence by constantly making improvement.


How to achieve the state of one-pointed concentration?

"All Buddhist sects in China advocate recitation of Buddha's name for it is the simplest method for spiritual practice, which is proven to be effective to the greatest number of people and...

How do we practice gratitude and thankfulness, reform ourselves, and move other people

By contributing ourselves, we are showing gratitude and repaying kindness, and therefore benefiting both other people and ourselves. ...

The Year of Great Good for All (II)

If every one of us always harbors good intentions, speak kind words, and do good deeds, then we can all transform our fortunes, and thus every year will be a great year. More online courses: https:...