The difference between gradual enlightenment and sudden enlightenment

"Gradual enlightenment and sudden enlightenment serve the same purpose. As long as one becomes enlightened, it is good. It depends on one's karmic capacity whether one will attain gradual or sudden enlightenment. After attaining enlightenment one still has to practice so as to achieve the state of perfect buddhahood. "


How to enter meditative concentration?

The spirit of Chan is concentrating the mind on a single thought and cultivating awareness of our actions.

How to address Buddhist clerics?

"Master," "venerable master" and "Dharma master" are all polite forms of address for Buddhist monks. It is improper to use overly respectful titles like "great ma...

Reciting the Buddha's name verbally or mindfully?

To derive true benefit from reciting the Buddha's name, we should do it mindfully rather than just pronouncing it absent-mindedly. Our concentration will increase with practice until we achie...