What does meditative concentration feel like, and what kind of wisdom it generated?

We can practice Chan by first calming ourselves down internally, keeping our mind simple and free of wandering thoughts and focusing it on just one thought.


Feeling grateful and feeling thankful

By turning obstacles into fostering forces and transforming unfavorable situations into favorable ones, we are able to grow in wisdom and compassion.

What is the best way to keep healthy and vigorous

Regarding the key to longevity and good health, Buddhism teaches us to keep a serene mind, exercise regularly, live simply, and eat moderately. In addition, practice giving, and devote some time to...

Why do monks and nuns have to shave their heads?

In ancient India it was a custom for practitioners to shave their heads to show they'd renounced the five desires, for our hair adorns our body and so it can be said to stand for sensual desire...