How to develop our inner wisdom and compassion?

If there is something in our mind, then it has obstructions; it cannot be broad and vast, open and clear, and therefore it cannot really have wisdom and compassion. A mind free of obstructions is a mind without distracted thoughts and vexations. When we are not affected or afflicted by our environment, that's wisdom; with such wisdom, we will have compassion.


Why was Buddhism accepted by Chinese?

Through adaptation and assimilation, Buddhism gradually became a major part of Chinese culture. Having had its ups and downs in Chinese history, it is now reviving by drawing on Western civilization.

Mundane Ch'an vs. modern Ch'an

Chan Buddhism originated with Shakyamuni Buddha and its essential spirit has never varied. It places great emphasis on daily life and the experience of direct awakening. By practicing Ch'an, ev...

What it really means to make offerings?

Making offerings is a very important part of Buddhist practice. To make offerings is to practice giving, one of the six perfections. It benefits both ourselves and others in that through giving we ...