Learning to let go in life

Human beings always hope for increase. Real addition means that, while one may be gaining more fame, status, power, and wealth, one should also grow in merit, wisdom, and compassion. Otherwise, it is like taking more and more money out of a bank account, with the account balance getting smaller and smaller.


04 Practices of Guanyin Bodhisattva: the Dharani of the White-robed Bodhisattva

Reciting the Dharani of the White-robed Bodhisattva can help reduce our karmic obstacles. But the most important is that we come to study and learn the Dharma ourselves.  

Why contemplation of emptiness and of the Middle Way are one?

Seeing things as they truly are, transcending right or wrong, good or evil, without attaching to a certain standpoint. This is the Middle Way.   

When you and I have a pure mind, everywhere is pure land

"To uplift the character of humanity and build a pure land on earth. " We have long been familiar with DDM's vision.  However, whose character are we trying to uplift?  And ...