What is the purpose of the "Releasing Burning Mouths" ritual?

Birth as a  "burning mouth" is the result of a miserly and greedy human life.  When we release these burning mouths, we bring them relief and help them attain a better rebirth.


Letting Go v.s. Giving Up v.s. Abandoning Hope

By "letting go", we mean casting off our attachments, not "giving up". We should face up to our problems, do our best to deal with them, then irrespective of success or failure,...

How do we speak kindly to and do good deeds for friends?

Maintaining a friendship requires integrity and wisdom, with which we can then truly support and benefit each other. 

How can we attain enlightenment?

Attaining enlightenments is not easy for most people. But with diligent practice, one can definitely gain useful confirming experiences.