Buddhist perspective on gender discrimination

Shakyamuni Buddha never discriminated against women because he believed that bhikshunis and bhikshus were the same and could both attain arhatship. There are great bodhisattvas who are women, like Queen Shrimala, which is very clearly stated in the sutras. The Buddha has compassion and regarded all sentient beings as equal, so how could men and women not be equal?


The Methods of Meditation

Sitting meditation is not only a method of Chan practice but also the best way to calm the mind and achieve meditative concentration.  

The Buddhadharma as flawless wisdom and the meaning of flawed wisdom

Buddhadharma represents "flawless wisdom", which teaches us to let go of the self, that is, self-centeredness and selfishness.

How to be free from attachment?

Adhering to one's principles is not the same as attachment. Adhering to our principles amidst temptations and difficulties is a positive force for improvement. Attachment is self-centered conce...