Mundane Ch'an vs. modern Ch'an

Chan Buddhism originated with Shakyamuni Buddha and its essential spirit has never varied. It places great emphasis on daily life and the experience of direct awakening. By practicing Ch'an, even when one cannot achieve enlightenment, one is certainly planting the roots of good karma and will be able to have fewer afflictions and develop more wisdom. 


Be Busy Yet Happy, And Tired But Joyful

We have to be busy in that we need to use our limited lives and precious time to build up our wisdom and merit, by giving of ourselves to serve, help and take care of others. In Buddhism, we're...

The Year of Great Good for All (II)

If every one of us always harbors good intentions, speak kind words, and do good deeds, then we can all transform our fortunes, and thus every year will be a great year. More online courses: https:...