Talks about Life from the Buddhist Perspective

Why Can't Success, Wealth, Power, and Status Bring Us Happiness?

According to Confucius, those who can establish merit, virtue, or words are successful people. In terms of Buddhism, those who can achieve peace of mind are also successful people, and attaining Buddhahood is the greatest success.



05 Practices of Guanyin Bodhisattva: the Sutra for Prolonging Life and the Great Compassion Mantra

The Ten-phrase Avalokitesvara Sutra for Prolonging Life and the Great Compassion Mantra help to remove our obstacle and extend our life of wisdom.

Mild illness is conducive to one's spiritual practice

People feigning illness or refusing to consult a doctor leave problems unsolved. They bury their heads in the sand. If you can accept reality and then deal with it or let it go, you will feel at ea...


Illness is normal and will help us develop a greater understanding of the process of life. We should view illness with detached observation and equanimity, as an experience to pay off our karmic de...