Buddhist Perspective on Various Issues

Why Can Some People Foresee Things in Their Dreams?

There are several kinds of dreaming: the kind in which something appears in someone's dreams because it is frequently on their mind; the kind in which something we may never have thought of or seen appears in our dreams due to the activity of our consciousness; the kind to do with one's spiritual response with a deity or spirit; and the kind as a result of one's own power of spiritual practice.


The Virtuous Self at a Higher Level---Giving for the Sake of Sentient Beings

The more you give, the more you receive. Even so, a bodhisattva doesn't expect to receive anything in return. However, this is what makes his merit and virtue immeasurable and inexhaustible. &...

Eliminating ignorance by transforming thoughts

To stop our negative inclinations, we should constantly observe our thoughts and emotions, and stop and correct the negative. Then the volitional action will wane.

Putting into Practice the Principles in Raising Children

Parents should spend more time communicating with their children. Resort to guidance rather than authoritarianism.