The Western Land of Ultimate Bliss

How to Attain Rebirth in the Pure Land?

A pure land means there is no evil, no suffering, no worry, sorrow, or affliction. From a Buddha's perspective, no matter where he goes he is in a pure land because a Buddha's karmic blessings and wisdom is the same wherever he goes. If we can eliminate our anger, hatred, greed, discontent, and jealousy, and cultivate a state of mind that is pure, serene, content, and carefree, then we will see a pure land everywhere.


How to Cultivate Peace of Mind

There is no guarantee of security in this world because material conditions and our worldly possessions are unreliable. Therefore, Buddhism teaches us to cultivate peace of mind, for as long as we ...

04 Practices of Guanyin Bodhisattva: the Dharani of the White-robed Bodhisattva

Reciting the Dharani of the White-robed Bodhisattva can help reduce our karmic obstacles. But the most important is that we come to study and learn the Dharma ourselves.  

How does Buddhadharma help people with terminal illnesses?

When death is unavoidable, accept it calmly. Lead a normal life with faith and "ordinary mind" and recite the Buddha's name. In this way we can live our last days with peace of mind. ...