{Buddhadharma} Karma—the notion of cause and effect

Why Do Good People Still Suffer Retribution?

From the perspective of the Buddhadharma, human life and death aren't limited to one lifetime. We have actually gone through countless rebirths, so sometimes it's difficult to look at the causes and effects solely at a single lifetime. The best way is to let bygones be bygones while paying attention to our present actions; things that can be dealt with should be dealt with properly. This is more conducive to our physical and mental well-being, and to our own future.


The True Self in the Buddhist Perspective

The foolish self is the self that suffers and enjoys happiness in turn in the process of cause and effect.

10 Contemplating the Five Aggregates as Empty in Nature (V) ---The sixth consciousness

The sixth consciousness, or the consciousness of the mind, functions either independently or along with the five sensory organs, and is constantly changing and in flux.

Enlightenment vs. seeing the true nature of one's mind

Enlightenment means the development of wisdom, the perfection of character, and the eradication of the afflictions, and it all lies in whether we are willing to let go ouf our ego or self. To achie...