The Western Land of Ultimate Bliss

How to Attain Rebirth in the Pure Land?

A pure land means there is no evil, no suffering, no worry, sorrow, or affliction. From a Buddha's perspective, no matter where he goes he is in a pure land because a Buddha's karmic blessings and wisdom is the same wherever he goes. If we can eliminate our anger, hatred, greed, discontent, and jealousy, and cultivate a state of mind that is pure, serene, content, and carefree, then we will see a pure land everywhere.

Where Exactly is the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss?

In Buddhist cosmology, there are countless Buddha worlds, or galaxies, either pure or full of afflictions. People reborn in pure lands can be free of afflictions, but to attain Buddhahood, they must come back to the Saha world to deliver sentient beings.

(Source: GDD-690)

Can Non-Buddhists Get Rebirths in the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss?

Married couples are encouraged to follow Buddhism together to build a Buddhist family, or at least respect the other's beliefs. In terms of Buddhist belief when people are alive, different religions don't matter that much. But when people who are dying embrace the same Buddhist faith as their spouse does and wish to be reborn in the Western Pure Land, then they can go there. Marriage does not exist in the Western Pure Land, because there are neither males nor females; people there are genderless.

(Source: GDD-676)



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