Practice In Modern Life

Simple and Easy Ways of Practicing Chan for People Who Lead Busy Lives

Chan practice is in everyday activities; our daily lives can be a time and place of spiritual practice. It all comes down to whether the mind is stable, whether our minds and bodies are unified, and whether we can be unperturbed inside.


What Are We Really So Busy For?

We have to work hard to insure our own future prospects by achieving merit and virtue, as a way to take responsibility for the past and the future. In addition, we have to work hard to help and benefit all the myriad sentient beings in the universe by using our wisdom and compassion.

Be Busy Yet Happy, And Tired But Joyful

We have to be busy in that we need to use our limited lives and precious time to build up our wisdom and merit, by giving of ourselves to serve, help and take care of others. In Buddhism, we're busy for ourselves, so even if we've gotten nothing in this life, we'll still have gained merit and the benefit of wisdom. Therefore, we'll feel tired but very happy for having the opportunity to be busy.

Dealing with Adversity in the Workplace by Applying the Dharma

We should not be arrogant in favorable circumstances, nor become disheartened when facing adversity.


Mild illness is conducive to one's spiritual practice

As Buddhists, we must face reality, accept it, deal with it, and then let go of it. If the disease is curable, receive the treatment; if it's not, what more can we do? As long as we consult a d...

How to be free from attachment?

Adhering to one's principles is not the same as attachment. Adhering to our principles amidst temptations and difficulties is a positive force for improvement. Attachment is self-centered conce...

Easy Methods for Calming Our Body and Mind

Buddhism incorporates a variety of practices to help us calm our body and mind, and it all depends on whether we do these practices on a regular basis. In our daily lives, we can spare a certain pe...